Stop Press Girl (1949)


Jennifer Peters is a normal girl except for one unfortunate trait. All the women in her family stop any mechanical contrivance that they travel in. As the film progresses, Jennifer stops her boyfriend’s automobile, then a train she travels in without being aware of what she does. Tension mounts when a girlfriend takes ill and Jennifer takes her job; an air hostess on a Handley Page Halton aircraft, a civil conversion of the Handley Page Halifax, wartime bomber.

Director: Michael Barry.
Writers: T.J. Morrison, Basil Thomas.
Stars: Sally Ann Howes, Gordon Jackson, Basil Radford, Naunton Wayne, James Robertson Justice, Sonia Holm, Nigel Buchanan, Joyce Barbour, Campbell Cotts, Cyril Chamberlain, Julia Lang, Percy Walsh, Oliver Burt, Kenneth More, Humphrey Lestocq, Michael Goodliffe.


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