Il potere (1971) AKA The Power


The film surreally describes the dynamics of the acquisition of power in the various historical periods, from prehistory to consumerism in contemporary Italy, passing through the Roman Empire, the conquest of the West at the expense of the native Indians, the fascist twenty years. The various scenes are commented by three beasts, a lion, a tiger and a leopard, representing military power, economic power, and agricultural power respectively.

Director: Augusto Tretti. AKA The Power.
Writer: Augusto Tretti.
Stars: Massimo Campostrini, Ferruccio Maliga, Giovani Moretto, Diego Peres, Paola Tosi.


Note: Many thanks to johnnydeep @PTP for the huge help reworking/improving the subs, I originally posted this one last year, the subtitles were good translation wise but there were a ton of long lines, many covering too much of the screen which made the watching experience not very pleasant, this has been fixed now.

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