O thiasos (1975) AKA The Travelling Players


This expansive Greek drama follows a troupe of theater actors as they perform around their country during World War II. While the production that they put on is entitled “Golfo the Shepherdess,” the thespians end up echoing scenes from classic Greek tales in their own lives, as Elektra plots revenge on her mother for the death of her father, and seeks help from her brother, Orestes, a young anti-fascist rebel.

Director: Theodoros Angelopoulos. AKA The Travelling Players / Ο θίασος.
Writer: Theodoros Angelopoulos.
Stars: Eva Kotamanidou, Aliki Georgouli, Vangelis Kazan, Stratos Pahis, Maria Vassiliou, Petros Zarkadis, Kiriakos Katrivanos, Giannis Fyrios, Nina Papazaphiropoulou, Alekos Boubis, Grigoris Evangelatos, Giorgos Tzifos, Kosta Stiliaris, Nena Menti.


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  1. onemanwizard
    September 25, 2021

    Ooooooo I’ve been waiting for you to put this up for a while, thanks!

  2. Stephen
    September 26, 2021

    Wow great! Always a pleasure to see a film by Angelopoulos. Please do more!

  3. Amir
    November 2, 2021

    Maestro Angelopoulos!

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