My Brother Tom (2001)


A teenage girl, Jessica, befriends a teenage boy called Tom, who is bullied by a local gang. She is abused by Jack, who is both her neighbour and school teacher, and Tom is sexually abused by his father. Together they bond in the woods, creating a private reality that no-one else can enter.

Director: Dom Rotheroe.
Writers: Dom Rotheroe, Alison Beeton-Hilder.
Stars: Jenna Harrison, Ben Whishaw, Honeysuckle Weeks, Michael Erskine, Adrian Rawlins, Judith Scott, Michael Tucek, Michael Power, Daniel Bliss, Adam Paul Harvey, Craig Vye, Emily Barrett, Richard Hope, Patrick Godfrey, Jonathan Hackett, Peter England, Elliott Tiney, Rosalind Whelan, Glen Berry, Ian Thompson.

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One Comment

  1. William
    March 5, 2022

    Superb acting. I enjoy how they push just a little beyond.

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