Can I Do It… ‘Til I Need Glasses? (1977)


A bawdy collection of jokes, bedroom sketches and courtroom scenes is presented in this ribald revue.

Director: I. Robert Levy.
Writers: Mike Callie (screenplay), Mike Callie (story), I. Robert Levy (story), Mike Price (screenplay).
Stars: Jeff Doucette, Vic Dunlop, Patrick Wright, Walter Olkewicz, Moose Carlson, Deborah Klose, Ollie Joe Prater, Ann Collier, Roger Peltz, Roger Behr, Angelyne, Robin Williams (deleted scenes).


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  1. Patrick Trimble
    February 8, 2021

    Mediocre, sophmoric and silly, a string of terrible puns, visual sight gags & a whole lot of nudity . . . but it is also Robin Williams ‘ first film credits and as difficult a film to see as any other film on Jon Rarefilmm’s. This kind of underground anthology film was popular during the 1970’s & 1980’s (see also THE GROOVE TUBE; AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON) specializing in drive-in tittulation and corny jokes geared for the teenage mind. It was where I saw most of them, but CAN I DO IT , , , may be the toughest to find and a must for any Robin Williams completist.. Thanks Jon!

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