Hawk’s Vengeance (1996)


Eric Hawke a British Marine, attends the funeral of his policeman brother who he discovers has been attempting to investigate the mysterious kidnappings and murders of a local Asian street gang. The clues seem to point to a rival Nazi white supremacist gang as the culprits, but Lizzie (Hawke’s brother’s partner in the police force) is not so sure: she suspects a larger conspiracy which involves one of the city’s most powerful crime bosses, a man by the name of Garr.

Director: Marc F. Voizard.
Writers: Jim Cirile (as Michael Ellis), John Maxwell.
Stars: Gary Daniels, Jayne Heitmeyer, Cass Magda, George Chiang, Vlasta Vrana, Charles Biddle Jr., Catherine Blythe, Pierre Gendron, Serge Houde, Arthur Holden, Johni Keyworth, Russell Yuen, Winston Wong, John Topor, Sylvain Landry, Pierre Lenoir, Ted Whittall.


Note: For some reason the copy I uploaded on okru for streaming has some playback issues, you’ll probably notice there’s some jerkyness at times especially when there’s camera movements, not sure why is this but the download version doesn’t have any issues, playback is fine. It’s not big deal and will probably annoy only picky viewers (like myself lol) but I since I noticed it I thought it’d be probably worth mentioning it.

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