Zoo in Budapest (1933)


Flamboyant Zani grew up and works in the zoo. He loves animals so much that he steals animal furs from the women who wear them. Zani coaxes young beautiful Eve, an orphan, to escape her caretakers while on a group visit to the zoo. Dr. Grunbaum, the zoo director, is forced to organize a search party to capture both Zani and Eve. Zani proves too elusive and harbors Eve in a bear cave. However, when evil zookeeper Heinie discovers them, he draws the authorities’ attention to their hideout…

Director: Rowland V. Lee.
Writers: Melville Baker & Jack Kirkland (story), Dan Totheroh, Louise Long & Rowland V. Lee (screenplay).
Stars: Loretta Young, Gene Raymond, O.P. Heggie, Wally Albright, Paul Fix, Murray Kinnell, Ruth Warren, Roy Stewart, Frances Rich, Niles Welch, Lucille Ward, Russ Powell, Dorothy Libaire.



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  1. Larry Pullis
    June 4, 2022

    amazing movie. I found it by pure accident. what a delight it was. Loretta young was simply georgeous when she was young. Thanks for showing movies like this that are all but impossible to find.

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