Road Demon (1938)


In this exciting action film, a young Indy driver endeavors to emulate his famous father, and restore his dad’s good reputation after he was killed in a racing in an accident caused by ruthless racketeers who made it look as if the veteran driver was drunk. The young son is assisted by trucker and racing aficionado Blake who helps him defeat the crooks that are trying to kill him too.

Director: Otto Brower.
Writers: Robert Ellis (original screenplay), Helen Logan (original screenplay).
Stars: Henry Arthur, Joan Valerie, Henry Armetta, Thomas Beck, Bill Robinson, Jonathan Hale, Murray Alper, Eddie Marr, Lon Chaney Jr., Inez Palange, Johnnie Pirrone Jr., Eleanor Virzie.


Note: Many thanks to L.V. for sending me a copy of this movie.

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