Forbidden Music (1936) Originally Released as "Land Without Music"


After discovering that her state is penniless because its citizens spend their time making music instead of money, a European Grand Duchess bans music in her domains. A New York journalist conspires with rogues to stage a concert.

Director: Walter Forde. Land Without Music
Writers: Fritz Koselka & Armin Robinson (story), Rudolph Bernauer (adaptation) (as Rudolf Bernauer), L. du Garde Peach & Marion Dix (screenplay), Eric Maschwitz (additional dialogue), Ernest Betts (additional dialogue) (uncredited).
Stars: Richard Tauber, Jimmy Durante, Diana Napier, June Clyde, Derrick De Marney, Esme Percy, Goerge Hayes, John Hepworth, Edward Rigby, George Carney, Ivan Wilmot, Robert Nainby, Joe Monkhouse, Quinton McPherson.



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