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May 19, 2019 / Pre Code

Miss Madeline Fane is a famous California screen star who has been devoted to her baby son Michael since her husband’s death the previous year. One morning she awakens to find Michael has been kidnapped. After a day, she calls in the police, who instantly begin an all-out search.

May 13, 2019 / Pre Code

International con artist Martha Hicks a.k.a. Countess von Claudwig is released from another stay in prison and decides to treat her rheumatism with a stay at her estranged husband’s hotel at a Wisconsin spa. There undercover, she checks in on the two daughters she abandoned as infants.

April 26, 2019 / Pre Code

Jacques Costaud, a French war veteran is sentenced to life in prison for killing a man but soon escapes from a penal colony in French Guyana. He then flees to Paris to find his daughter Manon, who believes him dead. Now he must try to keep her from being abducted into a life of prostitution and keeping his true identity a secret.

April 22, 2019 / Pre Code

The scheme of a pair of married con artist goes awry when their victim dies, and they care both caught and imprisoned. When she gets out of prison, she tries to put her life back together.

April 13, 2019 / Pre Code

A brilliant, successful criminal defense attorney’s life is turned upside down when he takes on a case of a murdered woman who turns out to be an old flame who left him 10 years ago.

April 9, 2019 / Musical

The rise and fall of a popular entertainer provides the basis of this musical drama. Harry Raymond begins his career with nothing but his ambition, his talent and the support of friends and loved ones. Eventually he hits the big time and becomes a star. Unfortunately with stardom comes arrogance and selfishness and he disdains his lowly but loyal lover and pals to hang out with the upper crust.

April 6, 2019 / Pre Code

In this courtroom drama, a lawyer defends his sister’s fiance after he is accused of murder. The lawyer knows his client is guilty, and that another man, a sailor, also accused of the crime because he gambled away his gun, which became the murder weapon, but he must honor the confidentiality between he and his client.

April 6, 2019 / Pre Code

This western, the first talkie done by silent cowboy star Tom Mix, is a faithful adaptation of Max Brand’s novel. A stagecoach driver, framed and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, has finally finished his sentence. Now he is out on the streets looking for revenge.