Vtáckovia, siroty a blázni (1969) AKA Birds, Orphans and Fools


After the Prague Spring of 1968 leaves Yorick, Martha and Ondrej orphaned, the trio of young characters find shelter in a bombed church and construct a surrealistically anarchic existence based on a philosophy of denial of life circumstances and careless playfulness with the purpose of pretending they enjoy the peace and freedom they do not have. Each character undergoes a personal growth process after Yorick and Ondrej competitively seek to develop a relationship with Martha, which escalates to unforeseen consequences.

Director: Juraj Jakubisko. AKA Birds, Orphans and Fools.
Writers: Juraj Jakubisko, Karol Sidon.
Stars: Philippe Avron, Jirí Sýkora, Magda Vásáryová, Francoise Goldité, Mila Beran, Mikulás Ladizinský, Jana Stehnová, Augustín Kubán.



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