The Wandering Jew (1933)


The Wandering Jew tells the story of Arthur Levi (Jacob Ben-Ami), a German-Jewish artist who experiences the new German antisemitism when his masterpiece, a portrait of his Polish-born father entitled “The Eternal Wanderer” is rejected by the Berlin Academy of Art, which also asks his resignation as professor. Later in the film the figure in the painting comes to life and tells Levi the story of the persecution of the Jewish people.

Director: Maurice Elvey.
Writers: E. Temple Thurston (play), H. Fowler Mear.
Stars: Conrad Veidt, Marie Ney, Basil Gill, Cicely Oates, Anne Grey, Dennis Hoey, Bertram Wallis, Hector Abbas, Kenji Takase, Jack Livesey, Joan Maude, John Stuart, Arnold Lucy, Peggy Ashcroft, Francis L. Sullivan, Abraham Sofaer, Felix Aylmer, Ivor Barnard.



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