Death of a Salesman (1966)


Arthur Miller himself adapted his Pultizer Prize-winning modern tragedy for this 1966 television production, with Lee J. Cobb and Mildred Dunnock reprising their original Broadway roles as the Lomans. This classic production toys with time in its shattering telling of a middle-aged man at the end of his emotional rope.

Director: Alex Segal.
Writer: Arthur Miller (play).
Stars: Stanley Adams, Edward Andrews, Lee J. Cobb, Albert Dekker, Mildred Dunnock, James Farentino, Marc Fiorini, June Foray, Bernie Kopell, Joan Patrick, Marge Redmond, George Segal, Karen Steele, Gene Wilder.


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  1. Michael
    October 10, 2023

    This is clearly the apex of American Dramatic Theater. Even though this is reportedly the “abridged” version, it is powerful and touching. All the performances are top notch but towering above all is Lee J. Cobb as Willy Loman. Perhaps he has played the role so many times that the words seem like second thought, not scripted words from a play. The sadness where he laments that the days of looking forward to something are gone, that is such a powerful sentiment that it stays with you. When you watch this performance, it should give a person a new insight to their family relations. It is that good and if you never watch any other drama, watch this one.

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