Il Presidente del Borgorosso Football Club (1970)


In 1970 the football sports industry was nothing new, but a comedy/comical film about it definitely was. Alberto Sordi plays the part of Benito Fornaciari, a pale, religiously devout Catholic Upper Middle class Italian, who inherits from a long lost uncle a minor league football club, of all things!. He decides to visit the club so as to sell it. But the local population have other ideas, through an almost armed uprising they “force” him not to sell the club, but rather, lead it to other glories on the football field. Gradually his initial reservations about football slowly erode away to be replaced by an almost fanatical devotion to “his” football club, to the point that he abandons his family, friends and home town.

Director: Luigi Filippo D’Amico.
Writers: Sergio Amidei, Alberto Sordi, Adriano Zecca.
Stars: Alberto Sordi, Franco Accatino, Rino Cavalcanti, Dante Cleri, Teodoro Corrà, Rossana Di Lorenzo, Tina Lattanzi, Margarita Lozano, Carla Mancini, Elena Pedemonte, Omar Sivori, Francesco Sormano, Carlo Taranto, Giuliano Todeschini, Rosita Torosh.



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