Maléfices (1962) AKA Where the Truth Lies


A veterinarian falls in love with an ex-African explorer after he comes to help her ailing cheetah. She begs him to return to Africa with her, but he doesn’t want to leave his wife. Soon his wife finds herself plagued by a series of bizarre accidents.’

Director: Henri Decoin. AKA Where the Truth Lies.
Writers: Pierre Boileau (novel) (as Boileau), Thomas Narcejac (novel) (as Narcejac), Henri Decoin, Claude Accursi & Mireille de Tissot (adaptation), Albert Husson (dialogue).
Stars: Juliette Gréco, Liselotte Pulver, Jean-Marc Bory, Georges Chamarat, Maîthé Mansoura, Jeanne Pérez, Marcel Pérès, Jacques Dacqmine.



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