Come mi vuoi (1997) AKA As You Want Me


Pasquale is a policeman who loves to play the trumpet in a little jazz orchestra. One night, he saves the life of Desideria, a transgender prostitute that was almost falling down the Tarpea cliff in Rome. Pasquale and Desideria had been knowing each other since they were kids (Desideria was secretely in love with Pasquale) and after meeting again they start dating. Pasquale is about to marry Nellina, but little by little he realizes that he is in love with Desideria. How to solve this difficult situation?

Director: Carmine Amoroso. AKA As You Want Me.
Writer: Carmine Amoroso (screenplay & story).
Stars: Enrico Lo Verso, Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Francesco Casale, Urbano Barberini, Memè Perlini.



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