Black Girl (1972)


In this melodrama a mother tries to compensate for her feelings of inadequacy and failure as a parent to her own children by taking in a troubled foster child. As she struggles to make up for her past mistakes, her jealous daughters mistreat the girl.

Director: Ossie Davis.
Writer: J.E. Franklin (play), J.E. Franklin (screenplay).
Stars: Brock Peters, Claudia McNeil, Leslie Uggams, Louise Stubbs, Peggy Pettit, Gloria Edwards, Rhetta Greene, Ruby Dee, Kent Martin, Gertrude Jeannette.



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One Comment

  1. Preston Cole
    May 24, 2023

    Black Girl suggests to black community patriarchal matriarchal confrontation and abandonment are responsible how single mothers inherently transmit their flaws down to their daughters.

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