Murder Can Hurt You! (1980)


Spoof of TV crime dramas. Someone is murdering all the great detectives and cops, and it’s up to the remaining few to find the killer and stop him.

Director: Roger Duchowny.
Writer: Ron Friedman.
Stars: Victor Buono, Tony Danza, Jamie Farr, John Byner, Gavin MacLeod, Buck Owens, Connie Stevens, Jimmie Walker, Burt Young, Marty Allen, Richard Deacon, Gunilla Hutton, Roz Kelly, Liz Torres, Mason Adams, Mitch Kreindel, Michael Delano, Tessa Richarde.


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One Comment

  1. Bill L
    April 25, 2022

    Great parody of the top TV detectives of that era… enjoy!

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