Remember Pearl Harbor (1942)


A group of youthful soldiers stationed in the Philippines prepare to fight after they learn about Pearl Harbor. One disgraced soldier redeems himself by heroically crashing his plane into a ship carrying Japanese troops.

Director: Joseph Santley.
Stars: Don ‘Red’ Barry, Alan Curtis, Fay McKenzie, Sig Ruman, Ian Keith, Rhys Williams, Maynard Holmes, Diana Del Rio, Robert Emmett Keane, Sammy Stein, Paul Fung, James B. Leong.


Note: Very poor quality for this one iunfortunately but it’s very rare so I’m posting it anyway as I think it still has some value, some scenes are very dark and between 20:12-21:00 there’s no image or the image is very poor, the audio is pretty good at least. Source of this copy is a very old TV broadcast transferred from VHS.

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