Personal Foul (1987)


PERSONAL FOUL looks at the relationship between three people. Jeremy is a grade school teacher who loves to nurture students but abhors the bureaucratic activity that accompanies his job. He’s pretty much a loner, but he does notice a new arrival, Lisa, a pretty, personable young woman to whom he is attracted. Ben, an introverted drifter who lives in a van and sells handmade paper flowers, is befriended by Jeremy. While Lisa is attracted to Jeremy, she cannot cope with his emotional instability. And Ben is no more emotionally fit than Jeremy to handle a relationship.

Director: Ted Lichtenfeld.
Stars: Adam Arkin, David Morse, Susan Wheeler Duff, Nicole Kilmer, Gordon Nicholds, F. William Parker, Lori Stiles-Cass, Cathy Carlson, Robin Ann Bode, Peter Aylward.


Many thanks to Jim for sending me a copy of this movie.

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