La captive du désert (1990) AKA Captive of the Desert


Sandrine Bonnaire plays a European researcher who is abducted by some ill-educated rebels in a North African country. They have no clear reason for holding her hostage, and after a considerable period of time (and an escape attempt by their captive), they simply let her go. The story is based on a similar situation that the director Raymond Depardon covered when he was a reporter.

Director: Raymond Depardon. AKA Captive of the Desert
Stars: Sandrine Bonnaire, Dobi Koré, Fadi Taha, Dobi Wachinké, Badei Barka, Atchi Wahi-Li, Daki Koré, Isai Koré, Mohamed Ixa, Brahim Barkaï, Hadji Azouma, Barkama Hadji, Sidi Hadji Maman.


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