State Buoni Se Potete (1983) [Extended Version]


Around the year 1500, the Italian priest Don Filippo Neri helps street kids and orphans in his poor little chapel. He is no clergyman by the book, but a true believer in terms good and bad and he teaches this to his children. Neri is not very well-seen by the church and his only “friend” is the dry, humorless Ignatius De Loyola. But Neris real counterpart is the devil himself, working in endless incarnations in Neris direct neighborhood, trying to seduce his kids.

Director: Luigi Magni.
Stars: Johnny Dorelli, Philippe Leroy, Rodolfo Bigotti, Giovanni Crippa, Eurilla del Bono, Mario Adorf, Renzo Montagnani, Roberto Farris, Federica Mastroianni, Iris Peynado, Giovanni Crippa, Flora Carabella, Giovanni Crippi, Raimondo Ricci, Gianni Franco.


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  1. burt
    February 26, 2021

    lol… my mom has watched this film so many times… like 5 or 4 times… she loves this movie.

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