Yasha-ga-ike (1979) AKA Demon Pond


In the 1930s, a schoolteacher named Gakuen, while searching for his missing friend Akira, comes upon a mysterious, drought-stricken village beside a pond. After asking for food from a beautiful young woman named Yuri, Gakuen discovers that she is married to Akira, who is also the keeper of the village bell. Unless it is struck three times a day, a spirit that dwells in the pond, the Dragon Princess, will flood the town and kill all its inhabitants. When the Dragon Princess receives an offer of marriage from a prince, she offers to leave the pond in exchange for a human sacrifice, and Yuri is chosen as the victim.

Director: Masahiro Shinoda. AKA夜叉ヶ池’ / Demon Pond
Stars: Tamasaburô Bandô, Gô Katô, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Kôji Nanbara, Yatsuko Tan’ami, Hisashi Igawa, Norihei Miki, Juro Kara, Ryûnosuke Kaneda, Fujio Tokita, Jun Hamamura, Megumi Ishii, Tadashi Furuta, Kazuo Satô, Kai Atô, Hatsuo Yamaya, Maki Takayama, Yuni Nishigama.


Note: Quality is quite poor on this one unfortunately, subtitles are hard to read in many places, I tried searching for a better copy, apparently there was a good copy on Youtube a while ago but haven’t been able to find it, hopefully it will surface at some point but it probably wasn’t that much of an upgrade anyway. This is one of those movies screaming for a restoration, it’s a gem and it deserves to be watched in good quality to be appreciated properly. 

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  1. March 3, 2020

    Good job, Jon, fingers crossed there’ll be a better source in the not too distant to upgrade from.

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