Challenge the Wind (1991)


Matt Harding is a boy in trouble on the journey of a lifetime. When a judge orders him to live with grandparents he’s never known in a sleepy, farm town, his only plans are for escape. When he arrives at the farm, he begins to face the reality of his father’s tragic death in Vietnam… and his own anger. Shunned by the townspeople, Matt runs up against the school’s best athlete. But one day Matt finds he has a special gift… he was born to be a track star.

Director: Bill Blackburn (as William Blackburn).
Stars: Mark Whittington, Jay Jones, Katy Dickson, Leah Smith, Jay Collins, Norma Smith, Bill Dickson, Jack Shamblin, Paula Baxter, Orin Frank, Tom Shankle, John Bateman, Bill Blackburn, Ken Howard, David Quirk, Allen Hardy, Eric Coleman, Amy Koenegseder.


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