Der Rest ist Schweigen (1959) AKA The Rest Is Silence

Director Helmut Kautner retells William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in the context of postwar Germany. John H. Claudius returns from Harvard to find his mother married to his uncle after the death of his father, Paul. His father, an industrialist, owned a steel plant that is bustling due to Germany’s postwar boom. Although John’s father is said to have been killed in an air raid, John is convinced his mother and uncle plotted the death together.

Director: Helmut Käutner. AKA The Rest Is Silence
Stars: Hardy Krüger, Peter van Eyck, Ingrid Andree, Adelheid Seeck, Rudolf Forster, Boy Gobert, Rainer Penkert, Heinz Drache, Charles Regnier, Siegfried Schürenberg, Richard Allan, Siegfried Schürenberg, Robert Meyn, Erwin Linder, Werner Schumacher.

1959 Berlin International Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Bear.


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