Seven Women, Seven Sins (1986)


Seven Women, Seven Sins represents a quintessential moment in film history. The women filmmakers invited to direct for the seven sins were amongst the world’s most renown: Helke Sander (Gluttony), Bette Gordon (Greed), Maxi Cohen (Anger), Chantal Akerman (Sloth), Valie Export (Lust), Laurence Gavron (Envy), and Ulrike Ottinger (Pride). Each filmmaker had the liberty of choosing a sin to interpret as they wished. The final film reflected this diversity, including traditional narrative fiction, experimental video, a musical, a radical documentary, and was delivered in multiple formats from 16, super 16, video and 35mm.

Director: Chantal Akerman, Maxi Cohen, Valie Export, Laurence Gavron, Bette Gordon, Ulrike Ottinger, Helke Sander.
Stars: Michael Dick (segment “Gluttony”), Evelyne Didi (segment “Envy”), Luis Guzmán Lotto Man (segment “Greed”), Irm Hermann (segment “Pride”), Gabi Herz (segment “Gluttony”), Rosemary Hochschild (segment “Greed”), Alfred Neugebauer (segment “Lust”), Delphine Seyrig (segment “Pride”), Roberta Wallach (segment “Greed”), Susanne Widl (segment “Lust”).


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  1. Gabrielle
    October 9, 2019

    I am intrigued by this and very eager to watch it. Thank you!

  2. jj
    January 6, 2020

    what a pity that only Akerman remains as a name in movie making, that goes to show how gender biased the business was. However this remains a brilliant compilation of films.

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