Fallada – letztes Kapitel (1988) AKA Fallada: The Last Chapter


The last decade (1937-47) of the poet Hans Fallada’s life. He lives with his family in Carwitz. His craving for harmony collides with the circumstances of the times and his own inner turmoil. He writes already anything of note, drinks and takes pills. His wife Anna sees him through his times of darkest depression, tolerating his overt aggression and his affair with the house maid Anneliese. But once he begins a relationships with the manufacturer’s widow Ursula Losch, Anna finally calls for a divorce. His love for the pretty, young Ursula delivers him a new thirst for life, but only for a brief time.

Director: Roland Gräf.  AKA Fallada: The Last Chapter
Stars: Jörg Gudzuhn, Jutta Wachowiak, Katrin Saß, Corinna Harfouch, Ulrike Krumbiegel, Marga Legal, Hermann Beyer, Carl Heinz Choynski, Werner Dissel, Werner Godemann, Peter-Mario Grau, Aleksei Yakubov, Werner Kos, Joachim Lätsch, Viktor Mikhaylov, Iosif Ryklin, Herbert Sand, Aleksandr Voevodin.


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