New Rose Hotel (1998)

In the not-too-distant future, two New York businessmen plot to play two multinational rival corporations against each other, with a little help from a shady Italian street woman, to obtain an important Japanese businessman for the company they work at, only that things are not always as they appear.

Director: Abel Ferrara.
Stars: Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe, Asia Argento, Yoshitaka Amano, Annabella Sciorra, John Lurie, Kimmy Suzuki, Miou, Gretchen Mol.


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  1. Gabrielle
    October 12, 2019

    I love Abel Ferrara! Thank you for this!

  2. Manuel
    February 2, 2020

    Very excited to finally have an HD, properly framed transfer of this incredible film. You guys are the best!

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