Arakajime ushinawareta koibitotchiyo (1971) AKA Lost Lovers


Takeru, a young rebel, is traveling alone in the North of Honshu. He once used to practice pole vaulting but he gave up and became a robber. Along his trip he crosses the path of a young couple doing a performance for a super market. Fascinated by both of them but probably a bit attracted by the mysterious silent girl, he decides to follow them.

Director: Kunio Shimizu & Sôichirô Tahara. AKA あらかじめ失われた恋人たちよ / Lost Lovers
Writers: Kunio Shimizu (screenplay), Sôichirô Tahara.
Stars: Renji Ishibashi, Tatsuharu Iwabuchi, Keizô Kanie, Tenmei Kano, Carmen Maki, Mutsuko Masaki, Mako Midori, Kaori Momoi, Yukio Ninagawa, Yuki Uchida.


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