Discretion Assured (1994)


Three American businessmen have a problem with their Brazilian company: someone is embezzling millions of dollars. Michael is having an affair with Frank’s wife Paige, but wants to end it. Paige is not so accommodating, and causes trouble with Michael’s wife Kitty and his new interest, local artist Miranda. When someone is murdered Michael becomes a suspect, and must try to find the murderer and catch the embezzler while sorting out the wreckage of his personal life.

Director: Odorico Mendes.
Writers: Julia Jones (screenplay & story), Odorico Mendes (story).
Stars: Michael York, Jennifer O’Neill, Elizabeth Gracen, Dee Wallace, Grainger Hines, Jonas Bloch, Tamara Taxman, John Doo, Dennis Russell, Laura Ivy, Jake Bower, Vanusa Spindler, Mary Walker Baron, Eduardo Piva, Edith Santos, Sergio Dreux, Valerie Millar,


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