Didn’t You Hear… (1970)


Kevin is wandering through the confused haze that most college students pass through at one time or another: lectures that make little – if any – sense, pranks by the fraternities and sororities, deep yet meaningless discussions on philosophy with ones friends. Through all of this, Kevin passes in and out of a dream-like fantasy world, in which he and his friends sail the ship ‘Queen of Sheba’ to a variety of islands, with natives both friendly and hostile.

Director: Skip Sherwood.
Stars: Dennis Christopher, Cheryl Waters, Gary Busey, Tony Mumolo, John Kauffman, Terence O’Brien, Jack Kosslyn, Mike Mickler, John Rice, James Farren, Scott McBreen, Judy Nagle, Pam Sherwood, Katy Coyle, Cindy Bledsoe.


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  1. Tony S.
    April 5, 2021

    This is originally from 1970. A video was released in 1983, but the film itself came out in 1970.

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