Big Timber (1950)


A young man goes to work in a logging camp to fulfill a boyhood ambition and a jealous loggers rigs things to make him appear to be an incompetent bungler. But he proves himself successfully conveying an injured workman to the hospital in a careening truck, whose brakes have been tampered with, down a mountainside.

Director: Jean Yarbrough.
Stars: Roddy McDowall, Jeff Donnell, Lyn Thomas, Gordon Jones, Tom Greenway, Robert Shayne, Ted Hecht, Lyle Talbot.


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  1. September 13, 2022

    Rare title and one of 6 films a very young Roddy McDowall co produced at Monogram following his early years as a child actor in films including Lassie Come Home and How Green Was My Valley. Low budget coming of age story is entertaining enough and the short running time makes it easy to squeeze in to a tight schedule.

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