Le diable dans la ville (1925) AKA The Devil in the City


A small town during the 15th century. A band of smugglers settle in the abandoned Grey Tower. At a city auction a mysterious stranger buys the tower. Rumors has he is sent by the devil.

Director: Germaine Dulac. AKA The Devil in the City
Stars: Jacqueline Blanc, Michelle Clairfont, Léon Mathot, René Donnio, Albert Mayer, Vetty, Pierre de Ramey, Émile Saint-Ober, Mario Nasthasio, Jacques Vandenne, Bernard, Lucien Bataille, Émilien Richard, Jean-François Martial, Canelas. 


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One Comment

  1. Michael
    February 12, 2020

    For this rare film, one word-‘WOW’ thousand and one thanks

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