Vito e gli altri (1991) AKA Vito and the Others


VITO AND THE OTHERS is the groundbreaking film which drew international attention to the problem of neglected youth and street crime in poverty-stricken Naples. The film’s opening moments are startling and deeply disturbing. A despairing Rosario has just murdered his wife and daughter at the dinner table on New Year’s Eve. Somehow, Vito quietly convinces his father to drop the gun, spare their lives and call the police. Placed in the custody of sexually abusive relatives, Vito is left free to roam the trash-strewn back streets of Naples where he and his friends engage in drug abuse, prostitution and petty crime.

Director: Antonio Capuano.
Stars: Nando Triola, Giovanni Bruno, Pina Leone, Mario Leuti, Antonio Iaccarino, Giuseppina Fusco, Antonio Farak, Alfredo Tassiero, Pasquale Amore, Massimo Antacito, Rosaria De Cicco, Enzuccio La Motta, Salvatore Porcio.


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  1. November 4, 2018

    This was excellent. I’m very grateful to you for introducing me to it, Jon.

  2. Michael
    December 18, 2018

    good to see this one again Jon. Thanks

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