Un eroe dei nostri tempi (1955) AKA A Hero of Our Times

Alberto Menichetti lives with an aunt and an old housekeeper, Clotilde; he has a job in a firm and his boss is Mrs. De Ritis, a widow whose husband was killed during a wild boar hunt. She likes him but Alberto likes Marcella; she is under age and he is awaiting her birthday to declare his love. His greater traits are to be fearful of everything and to be selfish. This nature will get him into trouble.

Director: Mario Monicelli.
Stars: Alberto Sordi, Franca Valeri, Giovanna Ralli, Tina Pica, Mario Carotenuto, Leopoldo Trieste, Alberto Lattuada, Bud Spencer (as Carlo Pedersoli), Pina Bottin, Lina Bonivento, Mino Doro, Giulio Calì, Paolo Ferrara, Jone Frigerio, Giorgio Berti.


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