Ten to sen (1958) AKA Points and Lines


Based on Matsumoto Seicho’s classic mystery novel of the same name, the story centers on a senior detective who is determined to find the truth behind an apparent double suicide.

Director: Tsuneo Kobayashi.
Writers: Masato Ide, Seichô Matsumoto (novel).
Stars: Hiroshi Minami, Isao Yamagata, Mieko Takamine, Yoshi Katô, Takashi Shimura, Ushio Akashi, Akiko Kazami, Kôji Kiyomura, Mitsue Komiya, Toshie Kusunoki, Tokue Hanazawa, Takashi Kanda, Akitake Kôno, Junji Masuda, Masao Mishima, Masahiko Naruse, Chiaki Tsukioka. AKA Points and Lines



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  1. Michael
    October 8, 2018

    done it again Jon, choosing excellent film

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