Goben no tsubaki (1964) AKA The Scarlet Camellia


In this Japanese drama, a young woman begins murdering all those responsible for her ailing father’s condition. First she torches her parents’ villa, and then slaughters all her lascivious mother’s lovers. Because the girl is so outwardly sweet and innocent, the detective looking into the deaths does not suspect her. Unbeknownst to him, the girl plans on turning herself in, but not before she kills one more person–her real father.

Director: Yoshitarô Nomura.
Stars: Shima Iwashita, Yoshi Katô, Sachiko Hidari, Takahiro Tamura, Yûnosuke Itô, Shôichi Ozawa, Kô Nishimura, Eiji Okada, Gô Katô, Hiroshi Aoyama, Kakuko Chino, Takashi Ebata, Tamotsu Hayakawa, Yoshimi Hiramatsu, Takanobu Hozumi. AKA The Scarlet Camellia


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  1. James558
    September 11, 2018

    Wow. super rare stuff! Brilliant work, Jon! Can’t praise you or this site enough.

    • Jon Whitehead
      September 11, 2018

      Thank you very much James, I appreciate it 🙂

  2. Michael
    October 6, 2018

    sometimes Jon you upload a film out of the blue and it is special. Many thanks

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