Archimède, le clochard (1959)

A sophisticated tramp lives during summer in a half-finished construction site. Because he doesn’t want to be cold in the winter, he decides to get imprisoned on time. Therefore, he demolishes a bar but he is only incarcerated for a single week. He promises he will find a way to come back.

Director: Gilles Grangier.
Stars: Jean Gabin, Darry Cowl, Bernard Blier, Dora Doll, Paul Frankeur, Gaby Basset, Sacha Briquet, Guy Decomble, Albert Dinan, Bernard La Jarrige, Pierre Leproux, Jacqueline Maillan, Jacques Marin, Paul Mercey, Gaston Ouvrard, Noël Roquevert, Julien Carette.


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  1. Michael
    September 21, 2018

    rare films like this one makes Rarefilmm one of the best sites around. First rate film

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