Attack of the Mayan Mummy (1964)

A Mayan temple maiden named Xochitl is reincarnated centuries later as a woman named Ann Taylor. A scientist uses hypnosis to cause her to regress to her earlier life many centuries ago when she was executed by the high priests for having an affair with a Mayan warrior named Popoca. As punishment, Popoca was turned into a living mummy and placed in a pyramid tomb where he must guard Xochitl’s remains and a Mayan treasure for all eternity. Ann Taylor leads an expedition of archaeologists to the hidden tomb where a valuable gold breastplate is guarded by the still living Popoca.

Director: Rafael Portillo & Jerry Warren.
Stars: Nina Knight, Richard Webb, John Burton, Bruno VeSota, Steve Conte, George Mitchell, Chuck Niles, Luis Aceves Castaneda, Crox Alvarado, Rosita Arenas, Ramón Gay.


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