Lo scopone scientifico (1972) AKA The Scientific Cardplayer

The Countess, a wealthy American with an addiction to card games and a large real estate portfolio, has become an expert on the card games of all the countries where she owns houses. The regional favorite in Rome is a card game called “scopone” and the Countess summons a married couple to be her adversaries. The couple are the poorest of the poor, but the Countess supplies them with one million lire to play with, promising them that they can keep the money should they beat her.

Director: Richard Compton.
Stars: Alberto Sordi, Silvana Mangano, Joseph Cotten, Bette Davis, Mario Carotenuto, Domenico Modugno, Franca Scagnetti, Luciano Martana, Aristide Caporale, Alfredo Capri, Goffredo Pistoni, Leonardo Pantaleo. AKA The Scientific Cardplayer


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