Law and Disorder (1974)


Fed up with an escalating crime rate and an increasingly ineffective police force, blue-collar New Yorkers Willie and Cy  join a citizen’s vigilante group. Their efforts to act as an auxiliary police force are comically inept, but director Ivan Passer lulls us into laughter only to catch us unprepared when he wants to play things in dead seriousness. 

Director: Ivan Passer.
Writers: Ivan Passer, William Richert & Tzvi Fishman (as Kenneth Harris Fishman) (screenplay).
Stars: Carroll O’Connor, Ernest Borgnine, Ann Wedgeworth, Anita Dangler, Leslie Ackerman, Karen Black, Jack Kehoe, David Spielberg, Joseph ragno, Pat Corley, J. Frank Lucas, Edward Grover, Pepper Wormser, Lionel Pina, Gary Springer.


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    December 13, 2019

    A great father was an auxiliary police officer in this movie.this movie should be on dvd.thanks for putting it on.fantastic

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