La spiaggia (1954) AKA The Boarder


Anna Maria Mentorsi takes her daughter on a vacation to a beautiful seaside resort on the Mediterranean to get away from life in the city. While they enjoy their new surroundings, she catches the eye of the town’s mayor, and considers settling there for good. But when she spurns the advances of a wealthy business man, he threatens to reveal a secret that could ruin all her plans.

Director: Alberto Lattuada.
Stars: Carlo Bianco, Martine Carol, Mario Carotenuto, Clelia Matania, Carlo Romano, Raf Vallone, Giovanni Aonzo, Carla Arrigoni, Ugo Attanasio, Anna Bassi, Paolino Baulino, Mara Berni, Marco Ferreri. AKA The Boarder


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