Les nouveaux messieurs (1929) AKA The New Gentlemen


The plot focuses on Gaillac, an electrician employed by the Paris Opera. In love with gorgeous ballerina Suzanne, Gaillac must play second fiddle to Suzanne’s wealthy “protector,” powerful politician Count Montoire. When the Opera personnel go on strike, Gaillac is appointed leader of the strikers, doing his job so well that he is ultimately elected Secretary of Labor in the French cabinet. Now on equal footing with Montoire, Gaillac is at last a “worthy” suitor for Suzanne – who can’t make up her mind between her two well-connected admirers, leading to a political rivalry the likes of which Paris has never seen.

Director: Jacques Feyder.
Stars: Albert Préjean, Gaby Morlay, Charles Barrois, Léon Arvel, Henry Roussel, Henri Valbel, Guy Ferrant, Gustave Hamilton, Georges Deneubourg, Christian Gérard, Bill Bocket, Raymond Narlay, Andrée Canti, Yvonne Dumas. AKA The New Gentlemen


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