Ohikkoshi (1993) AKA Moving


Renko’s mum and dad are splitting up, and her heart is burning. So she plays with fire, tears up the rule book, holds herself hostage, even starts talking to the weird girl in school who’s the only other one with divorced parents. But as Renko watches her childhood go up in flames, she learns how to forge a new self from the embers.

Director: Shinji Sōmai.
Stars: Tomoko Tabata, Shinobu Chihara, Kiichi Nakai, Junko Sakurada, Tsurube Shôfukutei, Mariko Sudo, Taro Tanaka. AKA Moving / お引越し


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  1. Wenkai Wang
    July 9, 2019

    Love the dragon boar scene,

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