November 22, 2023 / Comedy

One day a commuter, who happens to be a burglar, finds a dead body on a train. As he was just returning from a burglary and not wanting to draw attention to himself, he decides to get rid of the corpse himself. Little does he know that the body is about to embark on one hell of a journey…

November 18, 2023 / Drama
September 14, 2023 / Short

Tomek and Gucia are a pair of seven-year-olds. On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, they engage in typical children’s games after school – playing hopscotch and hide-and-seek, doing somersaults on the beater and climbing the wall. But above all, they play with each other – the boy tries to turn the girl into a boy named Piotrek. However, behind childhood games there is something much more serious – the first feeling.

August 27, 2023 / Drama
January 29, 2023 / Documentary
December 9, 2022 / Mystery

On December 30, 1931 a 17-year-old daughter of engineer Henryk Zaremba is murdered. Rita Gorgonowa, a housekeeper, nanny of Zaremba\’s children, and his lover is accused of the murder. It was the most sensational murder of those times, followed with interest by the general public in Poland. The film is a reconstruction of the events, in particular of the trial itself. Majewski\’s picture raises the issues related to the functioning of the judiciary system, stressing the fundamental principle of law that in order to sentence an accused person indisputable evidence of guilt is required.

July 25, 2022 / Documentary

A story of life and death, featuring Marcel Lozinski’s six-year-old son Tomaszek and elderly people spending time on the benches of a Warsaw park. Riding his scooter, Tomaszek asks the elderly very adult, though basic, questions, which they are happy to answer. The boy’s ideas of future and life are confronted with those of people at the end of their lives.

May 15, 2022 / Biography