January 1, 2020 / Drama
October 13, 2019 / Arthouse
September 11, 2019 / Animation
September 11, 2019 / Animation

This black-and-white cartoon captures the last few moments of a prisoner arriving at the place of execution before the weapons roll. The darkness before death is preceded by the darkness of a blindfold that allows only two bands of light into the world. This is the last time the prisoner can see the nose of his shoes on the pavement.

September 7, 2019 / Animation
July 25, 2019 / Drama

Angi Vera is a strikingly beautiful 18-year-old assistant nurse living in postwar Hungary. When she speaks out publicly about problems at her hospital, she’s not condemned by the new communist regime — she’s earmarked for big things. Sent to a party training school in a rural town, she must debate the nation’s new philosophies with other “chosen” pupils.

May 6, 2019 / Biography

Austrian soldier Klaus Schneider is shot in the head during combat in World War I. As he recovers under the watch of Dr. Bettleheim, Schneider discovers he has the ability to read minds and see the future. Renaming himself Erik Jan Hanussen, he uses his new abilities to make money in Germany as a mind reader. Soon, Hanussen predicts the rise of Hitler and World War II, which raises his profile while also endangering his life.

April 5, 2019 / Short

A trio of young men leave a piano by the beach while chasing love interests. Several beach-goers have a go at playing creating an impromptu concert.