Category: Sci-Fi

May 21, 2024 / Comedy

An English professor interested in photography is given a pair of special sunglasses by an Austrian colleague. To his surprise and boyish delight, he discovers they’re X-ray specs, which allow him to see through people’s clothes! As he ventures across Europe, he is pursued by spies who’re after the glasses. He eventually manages to elude them, and settles down to a life of ease, ogling naked women on beaches.

March 26, 2024 / Action

After his family is murdered, and he’s left for dead, a farmer awakens in the desert and finds himself transformed into a savage warrior, with all the powers and skills of the ancient gods. Guided by his “spirit masters” he’s given a mission; destroy Titan Corporation, the world’s most powerful high-tech computer company and its ambitious leader, Michael Burroughs. Burrough’s has discovered the technological remains of an ancient race and a secret that will allow him to open the Vortex and achieve immortality. Out in the desert, ancient powers collide with sophisticated technology as the Savage and Burroughs meet in a titanic struggle that could destroy mankind.

December 25, 2023 / Sci-Fi

Somewhere outside of time as we understand it is the timeless realm known as Eternity, where a group of highly trained technicians drawn from all the Centuries under their control, have manipulated the Earth’s history to transform it into what they believe to be a perfect world, free from every disaster and hardship. But when Senior Computer Twissel sends a young Technician named Harlan to study the 480th Century in the company of a seductive woman, Harlan begins to suspect that Twissel may have some secret plan of his own which has something to do with the forbidden centuries before time travel was invented…

December 24, 2023 / Comedy

Trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood, instead, the aspiring actor, Norman, learns firsthand that this is easier said than done. Then, accidentally, Norman stumbles upon a jar of very special butterscotch, and just like that, he becomes invisible. Now, with his newly acquired powers, Norman can turn the tables on all those who treated him like garbage, and what’s even more exciting, he finds out that he can get any woman he wants. However, Norman is not the only one who’s invisible. Could this unseen rival spell bad news for Norman?

November 24, 2023 / Horror

After meteors enter Earth’s atmosphere, blinding much of the planet’s population in the process, plantlike creatures known as Triffids emerge from the craters and begin to take over. Military officer Bill Masen, one of the few sighted people left alive, meets with other survivors in England and tries to find a safe haven from the vicious vegetation, as scientist Tom Goodwin desperately seeks a way to defeat the leafy extraterrestrials.

June 26, 2023 / Comedy

A professor invents a time sphere which takes a group of 1940s entertainers to Elizabethan London where they encounter Queen Elizabeth and Sir Walter Raleigh and introduce them to jazz culture – They also meet Captain John Smith and a very heavy-drinking Pocahontas. The main female character meets William Shakespeare and feeds him some of his own lines, which he eagerly writes down. A costume-production, (many of which are immaculate), which makes extensive use of the Gainsborough wardrobe.

June 19, 2023 / Sci-Fi

Living in their own fictional world devoid of humankind, large anthropomorphic robots, constructed by Survival Research Laboratories (S.R.L.), act out scenarios of perpetual torment, exasperated consumption and tragic recognition.

April 9, 2023 / Comedy

Mr. Drake and his wife live a nice, quiet life on their Sussex farm, until one of their ducks lays a radioactive egg made of uranium. After the government finds out about this, the armed forces storm onto the farm in a frantic search for the duck responsible.