Man of Africa (1953) AKA The Kigezi Story


Dramatisation of the Bakiga people’s attempt to cultivate the Kigezi district of Uganda, region inhabited by Pygmies. Jonathan, educated clerk, son of the village’s chief, goes along with other men’s of the village to build the new farms. Injured in a movement of buffaloes, he is helped by some Pygmies villagers with who he becomes friends. When returning to his people’s settlement, his peers don’t see these new acquaintances in a favorable light.

Director: Cyril Frankel. AKA The Kigezi Story
Writers: Cyril Frankel (story), Montagu Slater, Anthony Steven (narration written by)
Stars: Asaza, Erisa Bashungula, Frederick Bijuerenda, Mattayo Bukwirwa, Butensa, Bwenge, Gordon Heath, Kafuko, Blaseo Mbalinda, Seperiera Mpambara, Violet Mukabuerza, Jane Mukankusi, Jessica Mukawego, Paulo Ngologosa, Nynamatonga, Eresi Rugasira, Rwanyarare, Filomena Sabajji.
Cinematographer: Denny Densham.
Composer: Malcolm Arnold.

1954 Cannes Film Festival – Nominated for the Grand Prize of the Festival.

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