La saison des hommes (2000) AKA The Season of Men


The Season of Men is the second feature film by Moufida Tlatli, one of the most important woman filmmakers in the Arab world. The film examines the changing roles of women of two different generations in a society torn between secularism and sharia, and their states of being a woman. Set on Djerba Island, where women live with their children and only see their husbands who work in Tunisia for one month a year, the film takes place in a feminine world away from men. With its delicately woven story, epic narrative, powerful cinematography and characters, The Season of Men is a touching and delightful film about women who want to live as they wish, and not according to the rules of society.

Moufida Tlatli’s second feature looks at an intergenerational group of women on Djerba Island, isolated from both broader Tunisian society and, moreover, from men who, for work, live away in Tunis for 11 months out of the year. Aïcha, who married young, wishes to follow her husband to the mainland, but first he decrees that she must bear him a son. Shifting between past and present, Tlatli examines the pains, frustrations, and joys of the women living in-between two worlds. 

Director: Moufida Tlatli. AKA The Season of Men.
Writers: Nouri Bouzid, Moufida Tlatli.
Stars: Rabiah Ben-Abdullah, Sabah Bouzouita, Ghalia Benali, Hind Sabri, Ezzedine Gannoun, Mouna Noureddine, Azza Baaziz, Lilia Falkat, Adel Hergal, Houyem Rassaa, Kaouther Belhaj, Néjib Belkadhi, Jamel Madani, Sadok Boutouria, Zakia Ben Ayed, Meherzia Ben Nasser, Ikram Azouz, Ahmed Hafiane, Ali Khemiri, Leila Chebbi, Wajiha Jendoubi, Habiba Soussi, Khaled Gheffed, Chedly Ben Messaoud, Tarek Zammouri, Hatem Maroub, Brahim Saidi, Gueith Barkallah, Sabrine Ben Jeddy, Rami Anane, Jalila Farjalla.
Cinematographer: Youssef Ben Youssef.
Composer: Anouar Brahem.


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