Koridorius (1995) AKA The Corridor


The Corridor is a moody, meditative essay set at a time just after the independence of Lithuania from the USSR and in a claustrophobic apartment somewhere in Vilnius in which the titular corridor forms the zone through which the residents of the building must pass in order to meet each other.

Director: Sharunas Bartas. AKA The Corridor
Writer: Sharunas Bartas.
Stars: Katerina Golubeva, Viacheslav AMirkhanian, Sharunas Bartas, Eimuntas Nekrouchius,Mantvydas Janeliunas.
Cinematographer: Rimvydas Leipus.


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  1. joe
    October 19, 2023

    Also directed by Sharunas Bartas:
    Few of Us (1996) and The House (1997) are on YouTube.

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